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How it works

You tell us the prospects you want. We search LinkedIn, find their email address and pass you a clean CSV.



We identify your ideal customer

We work with you to define the ideal customer that you'd like for us to prospect. You can do this over email, or a 15 minute call with one of our Startup Sales Experts. 



Our team prospects for leads 

Once we identify your ideal prospect we'll research the web for leads, and create a custom list of prospects that look like your best customers.



We send you a CSV

We'll send you a CSV with as many prospects as you'd like. Then you can upload them to your CRM or mail merge software.

Reasons to go Simple

Receive the most
accurate data

We use LinkedIn to verify every email address

Save time
and money 

Many of our customers reduce
their cost per lead by 5x.

We scale as
you do

We can start at 10 contacts
per day and scale to thousands 

$1 per lead

Dead-simple pricing you can love.

No contracts, commitments or any C-words for that matter.

Turn-key service.

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