List of Shopify Customers

List of shopify customers
List of shopify customers

List of Shopify Customers

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There are now over 100,000 Shopify customers powering their e-commerce stores through the Shopify software, and these businesses can include high potential leads for your company to target.

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How Does List of Shopify Customers Work?

Buying pre-packaged lists is really simple. Think of it like buying a pre-made sandwich at Whole Foods instead of buying the bread, meat, and cheese. 

Step 1: Choose Your List of Accounts - In this case it's Shopify Customers

Every sales team is different, so choose the list that you think will convert best. You can start with as few as 100 leads and then scale up from there. We've built this with flexibility in mind so we have dozens of lists to choose from! 

Step 2: Describe Your Ideal Prospect

Tell us about your ideal lead including their job title. This will help us filter the list of Shopify clients, and select only the most high quality leads for you to pursue.

Step 3: Tell us how many leads you'd like

Tell us how many leads you'd like for us to prospect from the Shopify customer list. Each list comes with 1 lead per company. But you can tell us to prospect more if you'd like.