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Executive Assistant


Our story

It started with a simple idea: What if work was a place where you came to grow, not just collect a paycheck? That’s what we asked ourselves when we started SimpleData and it turns out work can be just that. Now we’re surrounding ourselves by people who share the same belief, that work should provide meaning and value in one’s life.

In addition to striving to provide an amazing place to work, we are on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We provide a lead generation service that helps startup founders and salespeople sell more, and enter data less. You can read more about our humble beginnings here.

Role description

We’re looking for an quick-to-learn, communication superhero to help our CEO be more productive and organized. Beyond the skillsets listed below, we’re looking for someone who wants to delight our customers, partners and employees. The role encompasses learning on the job, solving the problem at hand, and turning chaos into order through organization.


  • Managing our CEO’s email and calendar

  • Communicating with, and delighting, our customers

  • Organizing company files using Excel and Google Drive

  • Managing our company’s relationship with vendors and partners

  • Billing and invoicing customers using Stripe and Moonclerk

  • Communicating customer needs with our various vendors

  • Learning the current customer communication process and improving it

  • Going above and beyond to make sure our customers have an incredible experience

  • Suggesting ways to communicate with our customers or partners more efficiently

  • Using the latest technology to improve our team’s efficiency


  • An understanding of the latest technology. No need to be a member of Geek Squad, but a familiarity with Excel, Google Drive, Google Apps, and browser based software is essential. Technical experience is a plus!

  • The ability to learn on the job and solve problems quickly. We’re a startup which means we need to move fast… really fast!

  • Communication skills. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are a must.

  • Organization skills. If you like folders, color coded sticky notes, and systems you’ll be perfect!

  • An understanding of business. Sales and marketing experience goes a long way in our interview process!

  • Entrepreneurial drive. We’re a group of company builders. If you’ve ever wanted to start your own company, this is the place to learn how!

  • College degree We believe in results, not degrees. But our bar for street smarts is exceptionally high.

Job details

This is a part-time role right now (10-20 hours per week) with an opportunity to transition into full time. The compensation will vary based on experience and location.

Don’t live in San Francisco? No problem. We are remote friendly!