We love our customers, and they love us too.


Choose what works for you.


How Custom Leads work

You describe your ideal leads

Simply tell us about your ideal lead, including their industry, company size, geography, job title, and what technologies they use.


Our team prospects 

Using a combination of technology and virtual assistants our team will find your ideal buyer at each company and their contact information.


We send you a clean CSV

We'll send you a CSV with as many prospects as you'd like. Then you can upload them into your CRM or mail merge software.

How Lead Recipes work


You pick a list of accounts

Don't have time to make a custom request? No problem. Choose a list of accounts that matches your ideal customer profile best. 


Enter job titles

Once you've found a targeted account list, let us know which job titles we should prospect for. Then our team will research the web for the right contacts.


Tell us how many leads to prospect

Just one more step. Let us know how many leads per account you'd like and the total number of leads you'd like us to send you. And we're off to the races!